What to expect at our Gym Play session

To enable Happyjacks Gym Play to re open, we have had to make several changes to the way our sessions run to ensure that we are Covid-secure and that all attendees and Happyjacks staff are safe at our sessions.

What to expect at our Gym Play session:

Before entering

  • All equipment will be disinfected before and after each session .
  • Please line up outside bearing in mind social distancing rules.
  • A Happyjacks member of staff will welcome you at the door when the session starts.

On Entry

  • Please give your booked childs name at the desk
  • Everyone entering the venue will be asked to sanitise their hands.

During our Gym Play session

  • Parent’s/Carer’s should socially distance as much as possible. Rule of 6 applies.
  • All attending adults and children over the age of 11 will be expected to wear a face mask for the duration of our session, excluding only those who are exempt. 
  • Coaches and volunteers will be wearing face visors/masks unless exempt during the session.
  • All booked children attending should wear clothing that is loose fitting to enable them to climb etc and must be barefooted on the play areas to avoid slipping and equipment damage. (No tights)
  • All adults assisting their child/ren must take their shoes off to avoid damage to the mats.
  • Refreshments such as tea/coffee and snacks WILL NOT be served in all locations at the moment due to Covid guidelines. 
  • You may bring your own refreshments/snacks to our session but NO snacks/drinks are to be consumed on the play area as this may cause a choking hazard. Please encourage your child to have a snack whilst sitting on the sidelines. Coaches may ask you to help with this if they see any children eating/drinking whilst playing.
  • Toilets/baby changing facilities will be available. Please use allocated facilities.
  • Equipment layouts will be zoned around the room to allow for ease of social distancing.
  • The maximum number of child attendees is reduced to the capacity limit of each particular venue to allow for adult accompaniment. 

At the end of our Gym Play session

  • At the end of the session please be prompt in leaving so that we can be ready for the next session. 
  • We will be operating a separate exit, please follow social distancing guidelines. 
  • Please sanatise your hands on exit.
  • All equipment will be disinfected before and after each session .

Behind the scenes for your safety:

Our Coaches are doing lateral flow tests the day before your session.

We have contact numbers for all parents/carers for track and trace.

All of these rules and regulations are in place for your safety and that of the children, Coaches and volunteers. We hope over the coming weeks these will be further eased. We understand that they are frustrating and to be honest they cause us more work implementing them all but by following them we will all be able to return to normal faster.

Thank you all for being patient and understanding during these tough times. We are all excited to be starting sessions again and can’t wait to see all the children.

Jaki, Sarah and the Happyjacks team.

We will continue to monitor Government guidelines and will update these changes when applicable.