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Happyjacks are proud to be donating vital equipment to a very worthy project. Brighton build are currently building a school, a soft play room and a family centre in the first official refugee camp in Dunkirk. The build is going well so far, they began building on Saturday and hope to have it completed in two weeks. Brighton Build are totally funded by lovely people giving them donations, so far, these donations bought all the building materials that they need! But now they need to fill it! Part of the new build is a small soft play room for babies and toddlers to roll around and to develop physically and that is where Happyjacks stepped in!

Living conditions in the Grande Synthe refugee camp in Dunkirk are at humanitarian crisis point but thankfully there are brighter times ahead.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and the Dunkirk Town Council are currently building a new site to rehouse the 2500 refugees currently living in Grande Synthe. 500 heated tents, toilets, showers and a new medical centre await their arrival but there is no funding left for the essential communal and safe spaces that refugees rely upon and have become integral to life in Grande Synthe.

Brighton Build have been invited to build a brand new children’s centre on the new site. The centre will include 2 classrooms, a baby and toddler soft room, an enclosed outdoor play/learn space as well as a safe space for vulnerable parents. There are more than 300 children on the present site including a long list of unaccompanied minors. After months of amazing work from the education teams in the 2 schools onsite (the Dunkirk Kids Welfare school and the Edlumino School http://www.edlumino.org) many of the children attend the school building for lessons on a daily basis. To continue the stability that these vulnerable children have become accustomed to it is essential that, at very least, the classroom building is complete by the time the refugees start populating the new site. The current date of arrival is set for mid March so we don’t have much time.

We hope you believe in this project as much as we do. If you share our passion we invite you to DONATE, FUNDRAISE and SHARE THIS PROJECT and be part of making a massive difference to the lives of the refugee families in Dunkirk. please click on the link below.


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