Tumblers 6mths-5yrs

  happyjacks tumblers

Happyjacks Tumblers

Fun pre-school gymnastics based  classes for children from 6 months – 5 years.

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New Flexi Tumblers for 18mths-4yrs PAYG no need to book

Pre-School Gymnastics – for 3-5yrs coming September 2018!

Next Term Dates: week beginning June 4th – week beginning July 16th 2018 (7weeks)


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  • DAY: Mondays, Tuesdays (term time only) at St Anthonys Centre, 557a, Seaside, Eastbourne
  • DAY: Thursdays (term time only) at Shinewater Sports Centre, Milfoil Drive, Eastbourne.

There are classes for two different age groups all with parental involvement, each class provides a fun session with physical activities, games, music and rhymes.  All our activities help develop balance, co-ordination, stimulation, socialising and communication skills in a safe and fun environment as well as improving bonding between child and parent.

Happyjacks Tumblers classes are fun and enjoyable and include activities that will stimulate the body and mind of any inquisitive child. They provide a stimulating play environment that is key to starting children on the sporting pathway and getting them active for life.

Happyjacks Tumblers lets your child enjoy music, explore, climb, roll, balance and develop skills as they play. Each class provides social, physical, creative and emotional awareness and provide the opportunity to help with your child’s A,B,C’s. (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination).

There are two different Happyjacks Tumblers classes catering for different ages from 6 months – 4yrs. Each class takes place on soft play equipment and concentrates on physical abilities, hand to eye co-ordination, balance and social interaction. Parent involvement is key in all classes and, with advice from the coaches where needed, will be able to help and guide you and your child around the equipment.

Baby Tumblers   6 months-confident walking  45 minute class

In this class parents and children spend quality time together working on interactive play, basic movement of limbs and baby socialisation. This class includes stretching to music, nursery rhymes, parents using hand equipment with their child such as scarves, small toys etc and free play around the equipment that encourage sitting, crawling and cruising.

Monkey Tumblers  confident walkers-4yrs    45 minute class

Once your child is up and walking very confidently they are ready to join this class. This class again with parental involvement, will help your little one to develop strength, co-ordination, confidence and imagination through action songs, a more structured time on the equipment, and group time using scarves, balloons, tap sticks, ribbons or quoits etc.

Flexi Tumblers 18mths-4yrs  45 minute class

This Pay as You Go class is ideal for both children and grown ups who find it tricky to block book a term of classes for various reasons. Maybe you can’t make every week, or you can only take each day as it comes. SEN children welcome. Very flexible, fun and friendly class with parental/carer involvement, will help your little one to develop strength, co-ordination, confidence and imagination through play in their own way.

Pre-School Gymnastics 3-5yrs  45 minute class coming soon!


Mondays  at St Anthonys Centre, 557a Seaside, Eastbourne

9.30am-10.15am       Monkey Tumblers               @£5.50 per class

10.20am-11.05am       Monkey Tumblers             @£5.50 per class

11.15am-12pm      Baby  Tumblers                         @£4.50 per class

Tuesdays  at St Anthonys Centre, 557a Seaside, Eastbourne

9.30am-10.15am     Baby Tumblers                       @£4.50 per class

10.30am-11.15am   Monkey Tumblers                  @£5.50 per class

11.20am-12.05pm   Monkey Tumblers                 @£5.50 per class

Thursdays at Shinewater Sports Centre, Milfoil Drive, Eastbourne

9.45am-10.30am      Baby Tumblers                       @£4.50 per class

10.45am-11.30am     Monkey Tumblers                 @£5.50 per class

11.45am-12.30pm     Flexi Tumblers                      @  £6    per class PAYG

1pm-1.45pm              Monkey Tumblers                  @£5.50 per class

 Class Fees:

Baby Tumblers –  termly block of classes  (Discounts for siblings)

Click here to book a trial or pay fees  (first time? please check availability first)

Monkey Tumblers –  Termly block of classes  (Discount for siblings)

Click here to book a trial or pay fees  (first time? please check availability first)

Flexi Tumblers –  PAYG   pay at class on the day  

Pre-School Gymnastics – for 3-5yrs coming soon!


If you would like to try one of our classes please call us on 07738 381384 or email happyjackseastbourne@gmail.com with your contact details, childs name, age and D.O.B. and which class you are interested in. First class costs the weekly fee (see above) then 1 FREE class given once a block is paid for.

Jaki and her team look forward to seeing you.